Turning the 5% into 95%

It doesn’t seem to matter how hard the marketing department tries; how creative the executive committee is; how innovative the programme; or how necessary the information; getting people to come to events is hard.

So what’s stopping them?  Lots of things, but essentially it boils down to convenience, time and money.

But just because your potential audience won’t travel to your meeting or book onto your training course doesn’t mean to say that they don’t want to engage with you as an organisation. What you need to do is get creative with your content.

Flexibility is the key.  If you provide training, deliver some of it online, in bite-sized chunks that can be accessed in a lunch-hour or after work; in fact why not create a meeting that takes place while your audience is eating their lunch, by the time they have finished their sandwich they will be ready and able to participate in a discussion.  Give them the opportunity to access a whole library of past presentations that you have already tagged and classified to make it easy for them to find.  Create a secure network where sharing is the norm and collaboration the powerhouse for change.

And guess what. Now that you are engaging with the disenfranchised 95% you could well see a rise in attendance at your live events as well.