About Pure Rocket Science

Pure Rocket Science is a consultancy specialising in marketing for event and publishing companies, membership organisations and data driven businesses, and the host for the Who’s who in events community.

We offer a full range of intelligent marketing, branding, communication, event and sales support services: everything from data and design to social media management; brand development to client relationship management; live events to research and analysis.  We specialise in helping service companies, publishers and event organisers use their marketing budgets effectively and efficiently to produce both real ROI and brilliant communication outcomes.

About our contributors:

Hellen Beveridge, is both a company director and our most senior marketer.  Hellen is the main contributor to our blog (because she’s the one with the most to say and knows how to work the technology… apparently).  She’s been working in the publishing and events industries forever and has got lots to rant about.  As well as steering our marketing and event consultancy services she also speaks at events and runs courses for all sorts of businesses covering topics such as data management, copywriting, social media and event marketing all with the avowed intention of stirring things up so that they get done better.

More recently Hellen has been consulting on how to leverage data to accelerate business growth and development and can be found regularly in the various online forums contributing and instigating discussion on the topic.  She’s not without the odd opinion or two (or three or four).  And that’s why she is also involved with Circdata as Head of Strategic Insight because she believes data is still the Cinderella of many businesses and it’s about time it went to the Ball.

As a visiting lecturer at the University of Greenwich, she has been helping the next generation of event and hospitality professionals understand the importance and the implementation of social media in context.

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